Sewing Trends For 2018

Winter 2018 brought in some cool patterns to stitch this year. Every seamstress should add these patterns to their list of learning and decor for fashion and design.

Say hello to the roaring '20s with this renaissance look that is making its way into the 2020s. Fringes are forecasted to be a hot add-on to garments in 2018. However, these sheer shingles are not as easy as you may think to sew. it takes the right fabric and stitching to achieve the best look. After picking out your desired fabric cut a strip and teasing the ends to the desired look and length. Grab your sewing machine and make a zig-zag stitching pattern to hold your fringes in place, and sew the final result on a garment of choice.

Eyelets have been included in sewing patterns dated as far back as medieval times. The most common methods of sewing eyelets into garments are either looping the button hole inward or outward. To achieve a clean, polished look, looping with a bigger hole than the circle to secure the pattern is best, and using a little more stitching for heavier objects is recommended.

Heart Pockets
With Valentine's day a week away, show that special someone you love them by wearing your heart on a sleeve--with a heart pocket, that is.
Heart pockets are a cool, fun twist to an outfit. To make a heart pocket, cut your fabric in the shape of your heart template of choice. after making the pocket, sew onto your garment in a straight-stitch pattern around the edges for a neat look.

Sequins are one of the most difficult, yet elegant fabrics to sew. Be careful not to sew over the sequins! as this can result in a tacky, unprofessional look. To avoid this, removing the sequins along where the stitching will go will offer a clean, neat look. A straight-stitch pattern pairs great with sequins and will avoid the snags of pieces that could potentially get caught in the way of the pattern.

As we continue into 2018, dare to be different with new embellishes to ass to your outfit to give it a twist. In a time where minimalism is preferred, these cute additions will make any garment stand out.